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London Speed-Lift 25 Double Lash Lift Patch Test Kits

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London Speed-Lift Lash Lifting Postal Patch Test Kits
50 x 1.5ml vials
25 x patch test cards
25 x Speed-Lift Bags
50 x Micro Applicators
1 x Stainless Steel Jewel Top Spatula
This kit creates 25 double product patch tests at a cost effective 50p a pack.
Kit includes patch test instructions for Lash Lifting product testing however you can also use this kit for tinting or henna.
Vials are empty and patch test products to be supplied/filled by therapists.
Vials are medical grade and can safely hold perm, tint and henna. Vials can be sealed.
*Please ensure your insurance company support postal patch testing before sending your clients self use patch tests.

Patch Test Kit For Lashes

Shop the London Brow postal patch test kit today! This is an integral part of mastering the art of lash lifting. Equipped with vials, test cards, brow bags, applicators, and a stainless steel spatula, this patch test for lash lifting and lash or brow tinting has everything you need to get the job done right. We know you want to bring the best brows and lashes to every one of your clients. Whether you need a postal patch test kit for lash lifting, brow lamination or henna, our products will help you deliver amazing and professional results.

The Best Brows and Lashes For All

We’re passionate about all things brows and lashes. From a simple patch test for lash lifting or a complete brow lamination kit, we want everyone to bring out their natural lash beauty and feel good about doing it. We’re a cruelty-free company, and we never test on animals. We also only use the best ingredients in our products and have developed nourishing formulas to keep your clients lashes and brows healthy. Our industry-leading products are developed with you and the environment in mind, so you can trust that no matter which items you’re purchasing from London Brow, they’ve been carefully and thoughtfully made.

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We have more than a simple patch test kit — at London Brow, we have everything you need to take your lashes and brows to the next level and elevate your clients experience! Our Leigh Blackwell Training Academy is great for every level of lash or brow enthusiast, and every course is accredited. So, you and your clients can feel confident in your skills and abilities to master lashes! Shop our lash lift system, brow lamination kits and other products today!


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