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London Brow Wax

Brow Wax Products

At London Brow Company, we have the best selection of high-quality brow wax products available. We pride ourselves on being the brow experts and helping you achieve a brow look that is suited specifically for you.

Brow Sticks

Our brow sticks are durable and functional, made for spreading an even amount of wax over your brows, ensuring the perfect wax. Sturdy and eco-friendly.

Brow Strips

These brow strips are made of soft paper and easily adhere to the wax without pulling the skin.

Pre- & Post-Wax Cleansers and Lotions

What happens before and after a wax is just as important as the wax itself. Our cleansers and lotions are formulated to reduce irritation and extend the life of your wax. Our micellar water is the perfect cleansing solution for those with sensitive skin.

Brow Wax Accessories

We have reusable bamboo pads and wooden wax spatulas to round out your brow tool kit.

Check out our full selection of brow wax products to get the brows that you (or your clients) have been dreaming of.