Boost your Christmas Sales and be busy in January!

Boost your Christmas Sales and be busy in January!

The London Brow Company on 15th Dec 2020

Christmas is just around the corner and there’s no time like the present to get your Christmas Marketing ready! Are you geared up in all the ways you can be to make the most out of the festive season? Did you know it can take at least 6 months for search engines to pick up on your marketing content? That means to be picked up by Christmas you would need to start preparing your marketing in July! Crazy I know, but as your business grows your marketing from this year will be picked up next year and you can build on that at least.

When deciding to create content for your website or webpages make sure you do this in advance, prepare your blogs, gift vouchers, and visuals well in advance so you can then dip into them when you need to without feeling rushed or overwhelmed.

If you are just starting out in the industry or if you have been around for years, here are our Christmas Marketing Top Tips to increase sales and put your business in the spotlight this Christmas.


Now the most obvious one first, gift vouchers. These are a fabulous gift for anyone and can also bring new customers to you! Offer these to your clients for any friends and family, then when they come you can hopefully retain a new and loyal client! You can do vouchers from as little as £5 stocking fillers to £100+ Package Deals. Make sure your buyers are aware the vouchers do not need to be used all at once as this attracts more sales. Some people would like to split their voucher into a few special treats and not have to find 4 hours in one day to use up a large gift voucher.

In addition to this you want to have a good time limit on them, however not too long as you don’t want to be fulfilling gift voucher appointments for the next year! 3 months is a good time limit as then your customers are inclined to use it during the quieter months of the beginning of the year. This will keep you busy and is great for when people have less disposable income following the big outlay of Christmas.

Ensure your gift vouchers are aesthetically pleasing and Christmas themed! Regular vouchers are fine for the majority of the year, but around Christmas people want themed! Even if it’s just some ribbon and glitter, make your voucher appealing to find under the Christmas Tree.

It is also worthwhile offering free postage on gift cards and last minute E-Gift Cards too! Use a platform like Canva to create a beautiful E-Card to email to your customers looking for a last minute gift. There’s always one! Or many!


Get creative and offer gift boxes relevant to your clients, so if you do predominantly nails, you could create a little giftbag/box with some nail files, hand cream, cuticle oil, and a discount card for money off their next treatment. Limit this for January only so you can bring in some custom over the quiet month. If you do brows, you can create aftercare kits with the same card for money off their next treatment. You can alter your gift bags to fit your particular business, but this is a great way to bring in some extra money and create something cute for your clients.

The biggest thing to make sure when selling these gift bags/boxes is that you do not ‘create’ your own products by decanting product into a bottle and sticking your name on it. This is illegal and does not comply with UK regulations for sale of cosmetic products. Any products you are selling on, need to have full ingredients on the product box or bottle, the quantity, location made and expiry dates. This is the bare minimum in order to be compliant in the UK and keep your customers safe.


A great way to get your name out there and create some buzz around your business is through giveaways and competitions, and everyone LOVES a good giveaway! You could either do a competition on your page with your followers, or to gain a bigger reach you could team up with small and local businesses to do a giveaway. Try and involve a range of industries so you aren’t limiting your reach. I.e, food, ornaments, beauty, hair, furniture etc. this will get more people interested and include people who maybe wouldn’t ordinarily come to you. Ensure the limit to use their winning item/treatment is by the end of January so again you are helping to fill up your quiet month and it doesn’t drag into the year.

Giveaways are a great networking tool, to get talking to other businesses and forming connections! This can lead to a multitude of possibilities in the future.


Your biggest tool this season and all year round in fact, is social media and advertising. Long gone are the days of walking around the closest housing estates doing flyer drops and pinning flyers in your local Tesco. Whilst these methods are still good, with the growth of social media you can now directly target your advertising to potential customers instead of just taking a shot in the dark and hoping you reach someone. Instagram is probably the most popular and efficient platform to advertise on, with paid promotions meaning you can directly target people in your area, or wider. Facebook, whilst it doesn’t bring as much ROI with paid promotions as Instagram does, it is great for groups and forums to promote your business and seasonal offers. Find the local ‘noticeboard’ group for your area/town and see if you can advertise your offers there. You can also join many beauty groups and use this to advertise on (group rules permitting) .


Get your clients and followers engaging with you, both online and in-person at their treatments. Everyone loves a festive game where they could potentially win something! One idea could be to make some fun Christmas crackers for your clients with different discount voucher options in them (you can get DIY crackers from Hobby craft and personalised labels from eBay) and remember to make sure all the discount vouchers are only valid until the end of January.

Online at the moment raffles are becoming very popular. You can price tickets from 50p to £5 depending on the scale of the prize. Prize options could be winner gets the pot, winner gets a free treatment, winner gets a gift bag of goodies, you can have anything as the prize. This is great to really engage with your customers on a more personal level and get talking to them.

You could also do games like guess the number of… in the picture so thinks like ‘guess the number of sweets’ ‘guess the number of baulbales on the tree’ again this is a great game to engage followers and clients. This can also be done online or in-person. If you have a tree in your salon you can say, right you have 5 seconds to look at the tree or look at the bowl of sweets then you have to turn around and write down your guess with your name and number. You could charge 50p or £1 to play or you can do it for free. Again the prize can be anything.

Finally and most importantly, enjoy it!! The run up to Christmas is crazy and the busiest time for us but don’t forget to be present and enjoy it. If this year has taught us anything, it is to enjoy the now and make every second count. Fill your salon with the smells of Cinnamon and Christmas Cookies, play some Christmas music and get the festive spirit flowing! Remember to thank all your clients in lots of small ways for their continued loyalty and support throughout the year and have a great month!

Have a Fabulous Festive Season from all of us at The London Brow Company.

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