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Brow Range

Brow Measuring Calipers

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Brow Measuring Calipers
Accurately measure eyebrow lengths and depths for the ultimate perfecion in brow design
Calipers are an essential tool to ensure symmetry, length and brow thickness.  Accurate measurements in terms of where the arch, tail and bulb sit on each eyebrow will help you design a precise, symmetrical brow for your client.  Another step to brow perfection.
  • Create the perfect sized brows for your client 
  • Easy to clean / sterilise between clients
  • Use to measure practise brows on latex to ensure consistency in your brow designs 
  • Use centre pole to find centre point on the face / Use the pole to extend from corner of nose to corner of eye to create a straight line and accurate point placement when measuring brows
  • Light weight and easy to use


Available Colours :  Black and White 

1 x Brow Caliper set 

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