Get Your Best Brows: Five Common Eyebrow Mistakes

When it comes to eyebrow mistakes, we all have stories to tell. From the over-plucking of the early 2000s to henna eyebrows gone wrong, there are several of common mistakes everyone makes when they’re looking to better their brows. Your brows are meant to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. They shouldn’t be a distraction or become the focal point of your beauty. We’re all guilty of making more than a few eyebrow mistakes in our time, but there are some common ones that we at The London Brow Company hear about far too often. So, we’re here to shed a little light on the subject. From henna eyebrows gone wrong to caked on brow product, here are five common brow faux pas you should be on the lookout for!

1. Over-plucking

We’ve all been there: you just want a quick touch up before a big night out. Next thing you know, half your eyebrows are gone. When it comes to eyebrow mistakes, over-plucking is one of the most common ones we see.

How to avoid doing it? Don’t use a magnifying mirror when you’re going in for a touch up. This may seem contrary, but plucking every little hair you see that is slightly out of place can lead to skimpy brows that look almost as bad as henna eyebrows gone wrong. Instead, pluck with a mirror at a normal distance, but if it’s too late for that, put the tweezers down! Fill in your brows with a brow pencil or pomade and wait for your natural regrowth.

2. Over-lining

It’s easy to get carried away when it comes to brows. After all, bold brows are in! But caterpillars aren’t. When it comes to lining and filling your brows, it’s important to make sure you’re not going overboard.

Luckily eyebrow mistakes like this are easily fixed. After all, makeup washes off! When you’re lining your brows, be sure to work with the natural shape of your brow. If you have thinner brows, don’t go too much onto your skin to make them seem more bold. Work with what you’ve got and enhance the natural beauty of your brows.

3. Using The Wrong Brushes And Brow Products

Eyebrow mistakes like these are a little trickier to avoid. Not everyone knows the right brushes, pencils, and pomades to use for their specific brows. If you’re using lamination kits or henna brow tools, be sure to have the right brushes and products on-hand to make the most of your look.

To avoid henna eyebrows gone wrong or a brow tinting that doesn’t compliment your complexion, do your research. Look up other people who have used the products and have photos to show. And if you’re opting for a simpler brow look with a pencil or pomade, all you need is a trusty angled-brush to get the perfect edge on your brows.

If you do brave the DIY henna brow look and end up with more contrast that you wanted, you can use toner on a planet-friendly reusable cotton pad to dilute the colour on your hair and skin.

4. Trying Too Hard To Make Them Identical

We hate seeing eyebrow mistakes, like over-waxing, but this is an avoidable one! We try so hard to make our bows “identical,” but that shouldn’t be the case! We’ve all heard, “Brows are sisters, not twins!” and that adage is completely true. After all, no one’s face is symmetrical.

When shaping and filling your brows, stop trying to make them identical. Try to make them similar and balanced rather than a mirror image. Pluck them to the same thickness, fill them in equally, and make sure one isn’t darker than the other. Or, use lamination to achieve full and beautiful eyebrows. This way, your brows will look balanced and bring forward the natural beauty of your face.

5. Ignoring The Natural Shape Of Your Brow

Whether you love the shape of your brows or wish you could plaster new ones on, you have to work with what you’ve got. We see eyebrow mistakes everyday that all relate to people ignoring the natural shape of their brow and trying too hard to get “the look.” Whatever that may be, it’s important to adapt trends and make them work for you. Nobody has the same face shape and features, so you shouldn’t try something that wasn’t made specifically for you.

To avoid henna eyebrows gone wrong and other tragedies, keep things simple. Study your natural brow shape and adapt trends you love to work for you. The beauty of brows is that they frame your face and can accentuate your eyes, giving you a fierce look that only you can pull off.

At The London Brow Company, we want everyone to have the best in brows! Our lamination kits, salon accessories, and more can help you avoid common eyebrow mistakes and bring out your natural beauty. Whether you need to fill in sparse brows or want to tame bold ones, we have the tools and products you need for personal and professional brow maintenance. Train with us today to become a brow expert and explore more today to achieve the bold London Brow look!

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