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London Brow Luxury Silk Wax | Vegan & Hypoallergenic

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London Brow Company Luxury Silk Metallic Gold Warm Wax

Size : 450g Wax Pot

Colour : Metallic Gold Shimmer 

Fragrance : Lime and Coconut

Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty Free

Pack Includes

1 x 450g Warm Wax Pot 

100 x Precision Brow Waxing Sticks 

100 x Precision Brow Tinting Sticks 

Warm Wax to use with Wax Strips.

Proudly Created, Manufactured, Filled and Packed in England, United Kingdom


The London Brow Company have worked to create our own wax range to ensure it is Vegan, Hypoallergenic, Cruelty free and free from all the nastys you find in main stream wax! If you are going to be putting products on your clients delicate facial skin, you want to make sure it is as natural as possible. 

Infused with essential oils our wax will not only smell incredible and fragrance your salon with all the feels of holiday with our Lime and Coconut Yankee Candle inspired fragrance, but will also leave your clients skin soothed with minimal redness.

Why Hypoallergenic? We want to make sure you are ready for any client that walks into your salon, some waxes can give clients excessive redness, unnecessary irritation or worse, an allergic reaction.  We have worked to take out the ingredients that could cause this to give you peace of mind when waxing your clients.  

Why Vegan?  We feel you can enjoy all the luxuries of the beauty industry without the need for animals being harmed or exploited.  Vegan is not just a buzzword to us, its an important resposibilty to our planet and environment we feel strongly about supporting.

We also wanted to give you something exciting to use in your salon so you can take your waxing to a new, luxurious level! 



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