25 Double Patch Test Kits

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1 unit
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20 units

Product Description

Postal Patch Test Kits
50 x 1.5ml vials
25 x patch test cards
25 x London Brow Bags
50 x Micro Applicators
1 x Stainless Steel Jewel Top Spatula
This kit creates 25 double product patch tests at a cost effective 50p a pack.
Kit includes patch test instructions for Brow Lamination product testing however you can also use this kit for Henna.
Vials are empty and patch test products to be supplied/filled by therapists.
Vials are medical grade and can safely hold perm, tint and henna. Vials can be sealed.
*Please ensure your insurance company support postal patch testing before sending your clients self use patch tests.


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