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London Speed-Lift Lash Nourishing Lotion - Step 3

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STEP 3 London Speed-Lift Serum

The newest innovation in Lash Lifting has arrived!

Our Step 3 is a leave on product which is intended to be used with your lash tinting three step system.


Contents :

1 x Pack Of 10 Sachets Lash Setting Lotion  (Step 3)

1 ml per sachet

Total 10ml per box

4 - 5 Treatments per sachet = costing you only £1.38 per treatment for the most up to date lash lift system on the market!

To be used with London Speed-Lift  Step 1 and Step 2 in the Speed-Lift 3 Step Process


Waterproof Vegan Lash lifting system from The London Brow Company


STRICTLY Professional Use Only 

What makes us different?

Waterprood formula - This is one of the only systems in professional lash lifting where your clients can now get their lashes wet after treatment. No more making clients wait 24-48 hours to get them wet, our new step 3 seal created a water-resistant coating on your client’s lashes keeping them safe while the cuticle closes and the neutraliser works. 

Quick development times - our speedlift system will allow you to do a lift within 10 - 20 minutes (depending on lash type) without the damage.  Our new lash lifting system has London Brows unique plant keratin shield system which protects lashes while you perm them. 

Low Odour - your clients dont have to smell of perm for days after their treatment, our low odour lifting cream means clients lashes smell great after their lift.

Growth Serums - our system has the latest in scientific research in hair growth.  Our growth serums will be placed in the lash shaft and sealed in during the lash lift system.  This will give your client longer, stronger lashes with each treatment.

London Shield System - our formula has a unique hair shield system that will coat the lashes with a protective shield coating the lash keratin while the lashes are permed

Vegan and Cruelty Free - our lash lift system has been created by us in the UK.  We know exactly what is in it and have used natural ingredients where ever possible.  Our system is 100% Vegan and 100% Cruelty free. Thoroughly tested on willing humans only.

Highest Quality - when we have needed to use chemicals we have used the highest quality grades only.  All our ingredients are sourced in the UK, Italy and Germany to ensure highest quality safety.

Inhouse Laboratory - we believe that plant based science can give us more powerful results than harsh synthetic toxic chemicals.  Our aim is to do sustainable beauty while being kinder to our animals, our skin and our environment.  That is why we have our own Research and Development Laboratory at The London Brow Company so we can reassess how treatments in our industry are being done and replace them with better, more sustainable formulations. 

Cruelty Free
UK Formulated and Manufactured
Natural Ingredients where possible
Formaldahyde Free
Low Odour
Nourishing Quick Formula


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We take the time to develop nourishing formulas that enhance your lashes and brows and combat damage. We manufacture all our products in the UK and offer fast and reliable shipping. Plus, with our excellent customer service, whenever you have a question or comment, we’ll be here to help. From our eyelash lifting gel perfecting step one of your lash lift, to our vegan keratin boost serums and miracle masks, the London Brow Doctor, we’ll help you every step of the way to take your lashes/brows to a new level. We use natural ingredients, and everything at London Brow is cruelty-free. So, you can feel good about the products you’re buying.

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Discover all we have to offer and shop London Brow today! With our lash lifting and brow lamination kits, including the innovative aftercare products, and nourishing serums, you’ll have all you need to enhance your clients lashes and brows and bring out their natural beauty. Get lasting results and the best in brows and lashes with London Brow today!


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