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The London Brow Doctor

Eyebrow Masks

London Brow Doctor - Our Brow Restoration Secret

Too much plucking, years of waxing, and other treatments may leave you in desperate need of brow restoration. The brow mask from The London Brow Company is the perfect tool to add to your arsenal to fill in your brows and bring them back to glory! This is the first brow restoration mask with the ultimate in hair repair technology to give you beautiful, natural brows. At London Brow, we want to bring out the best in everyone’s beauty, and by offering the latest innovation in brow technology to you, we’re bringing you the best in brow care!

How It Works

Our brow mask works from the inside out, targeting your hair’s growth and helping repair damage that occurs from regular lamination and other styling. Our Brow Miracle Mask will make your brows glossy, strong, and soft, so you can keep them looking fierce and bold with less effort. When you need some brow restoration, it’s important to use a product with ingredients you can trust. Because of our many years of experience in the beauty industry, we have seen many trends come and go. Some great and some not so great. Rest assured that with the London Brow Company, our products are formulated not only to work but to be as gentle as they can be on your natural lashes and brows. Our eyebrow mask is specifically formulated to strengthen and restore what years of tinting, dyeing, or plucking may have done. We use nourishing formulas with natural ingredients that are proven to work, so you always get the best from London Brows. All of our products at London Brow are vegan and cruelty-free, manufactured in the UK, and with our super-fast shipping, you won’t have to worry about delays when you’re in desperate need of supplies.

From brow masks to lamination kits, we have what you need to take your salon and services to the next level. Shop our wide variety of products to add to your salon and check out our online training courses to sharpen your skills and diversify your services today!