Epic Evolution of the Eyebrow - thick to thin and everything in between

Brows through the ages.

Needless to say, it was an "epic" transition from plucking the full-on life out of our brows to wanting them to be laminated as perfectly as humanely possible. It is a transition that has gone back and forth throughout history. They've gone from long and thin to arched, from full, back to thin, and so we've rounded up various brow trends from the 1920s to now. Which ones are your favourite?


Defined and rounded yet sophisticated thin with the arch and tail sweeping downwards emoting whimsical awe.


Thin to bare, drawn-on, with much more of an arch making the eyebrow appear higher. Sharper and edgier styled to amplify the era's female authority.


Much more of a natural brow with a defined shape that embraces a thicker style, softening features while still maintaining a feminine surreal look.


Arched and naturally groomed. This era was the start of a bold, sultry brow. Squared, with a high pointed arch and darker shades.


The 1960s had two different trends happening. It was either thick, natural brows or pencil-thin brows.


Disco meant plucking the brow into extinction, bringing them very thin and high, and putting a spotlight on lots of mascara and shimmering eye shadow.


Reenter the bushy, bold eyebrow. Totally full ‘n fluffy as it embraced natural growth for a full ‘woke up this way’ look. Tweezer sales probably took a hit in the 80s.

1990 - 2000

Tweezer companies are back in business with the 90s pencil-thin brows that were drawn on. If you were part of this (more often than not unflattering) trend, you probably need The London Brow Doctor.

2010 - Today

Brows are finally taken seriously. Designed to bring out the beauty of natural brows and enhance what you already have, laminated brows are by far a trend that's here to stay. Lamination fills in unwanted gaps and gives the illusion of perfect fullness.

Rejuvenate any brows back to influencer status.