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Take your brows and lashes  to the next level with our brow lamination and lash lifting products! We have everything you need, from mascara wands to tinting kits, so you can put your best brows and lashes  forward for every occasion. We offer eyebrow training and eyelash lifting certification courses and classes, so you can be at the top of your brow and lash game learning all our tricks and tips straight from the world leaders.  We design all of our products with you in mind. 

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We’ve made it our mission to bring the latest trends in brows to everyone in the UK and worldwide, and we’re leading the way in brow trends across the globe. We take pride in the products and training we offer.

About Us

We take pride in the products and services we provide to our customers. Whether you’re using our brow lamination or lash lifting products on yourself or your clients, you can rest assured that you’re only getting the best from The London Brow Company. We’ve led the way when it comes to eyebrow lamination, and we’re not stopping there. Aside from our renowned online eyebrow certification classes, we offer you tips and tricks to elevate your brow game. Our team of experts are  dedicated to developing the latest trends and technology to help you take charge and create bold brows and strong healthy lashes for your clients.

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Looking for a salon that uses London Brow lamination products and techniques? Use our handy salon finder to locate one of our fantastic partners in your area who can give you the perfect London Brow look for your gorgeous face.

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When it’s time to make the best of your brows — no matter how sparse or bold — use The London Brow Company to get your brows where you want them to be. Get the look with our brow lamination products today!


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