Behind The London Brow Brand

Once upon a time



Hello 👋🏼

My name is Leigh and I founded The London Brow Company as a result of my passion for the beauty industry and my love for our planet.

I fell in love with our industry after starting my own beauty business back in 2009. The relationships I built with my clients and the joy from giving them confidence was addictive. I enjoyed what I was doing so much that in 2011 I started teaching and opened my own academy (The Leigh Blackwell Training Academy)

But like many busy working Mums I soon reached a point of burnout - I'd become so successful, and I was so grateful for it, but I wasn't taking care of myself. I decided to step away. I closed my business, sold everything I owned (a bit extreme I know!) picked up a backpack and travelled the world with my husband.


The journey so far!


While travelling, I discovered a new treatment known as brow lamination. I thought it was an interesting concept so decided to bring it to the UK. Initially, I trialled products from outside the UK but I soon realised I didn't like the products, their ingredients or their animal testing laws.

Travelling had really opened my eyes to what is going on in the world - such as pollution, plastics in the ocean and animal cruelty - and I really started to think about how I could personally make an impact. I realised I needed to take my business a different way.

The problem was that the lamination products available weren't typically natural, healthy, vegan or cruelty free. If they were, they were so expensive that a small beauty business owner would have to really compromise their own earnings in order to use them.

The London Brow Company was born because I didn't want anyone to have to make that choice.

My husband and I started researching how to make our own products, set up our own laboratory to do extensive research and testing and launch our own accredited courses for brow lamination.

I'm now so proud to say that The London Brow Company makes effective, quality products here in the UK using only plant based, sustainable ingredients.


The London Brow Company Values

  • We are working to create new solutions to old problems in the beauty industry that work every time.
  • We are always looking to find new ways to fix old issues
  • We put people and planet first in all that we do
  • We value 100% cruelty free products and practices at all time

The London Brow initiatives

We feel that supporting more than just our business is essential to our community and our planet.  We work hard to help give back as much as we can every year.  When you buy from us you are also helping the following initiatives we contribute to:-

  • 🌳 We partner with The Eden Project and plant a tree for every order made with us.  So every time you order, a tree is planted in your name in different parts of the world to help repopulate mangroves, reforest habitats in Madagascar for the Lemur populations and various other world wide projects.
  • 🐣 We donate monthly to the British Hen Welfare foundation to help rehome battery hens.  London Brow also has their own flock of hens too! We adopted and care for 6 ex battery hens.  Sage, Dotty, Maggie, Betty, Hettie and Agnes.  Their eggs are sold and funds donated back to the British Hen Welfare trust.
  • 🐕 We donate monthly to Spanish Stray Dogs to help rehome and save dogs in spain from kill shelters.  Leigh also fosters stray dogs and helps rehome them in the UK. 
  • 🐮 Donations to various independent livestock UK charities who help care for animals in need of our help. 


We add to our list of initiatives every year and feel so proud we can make a difference to our world by doing a business we love 💚


The Purpose of The London Brow Company

To transform the business of beauty through creativity, community and kindness

Our Mission Every Day

We use the power of plants to get incredible results and focus on people not profit

Our Vision For The Future

Becoming an industry leading, ethical beauty brand


Clean, Vegan The London Brow Company

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