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How to get your salon Black Friday ready and earn over the biggest sale event of the year? - The London Brow Company

How to get your salon Black Friday ready and earn over the biggest sale event of the year?

Did you know that Black Friday is the most popular sale weekend of the year?  This is a great time to boost your income, sell gift vouchers to keep you busy in January, meeting new clients and getting existing clients trying out new treatments. 

Do you know how to get ready for the biggest sale event of the year? Don’t worry our team are here to help!   

How can you get ready?

  • Make sure you have all your marketing ready before Black Friday weekend and work out the discounts you are going to offer your customers.
  • Make it the best discount you are going to offer all year, as a great discount will bring in more customers.
  • Your Email marketing, Social Media Posts, Posters and Flyers in salon all help towards letting your customers know you have a great sale on the way!  Make sure you design clean and exciting images for this well in advance.
  • Start Marketing a minimum of 2 weeks before Black Friday so your customers know you will be offering Black Friday discounts.
  • Create Gift Vouchers that customers can purchase as Christmas gifts, set limited time to use these (3 months) so that you fill your white space in January when you may normally be quiet.  Make sure your gift vouchers are not valid during December and only valid from January onwards.  Make sure customers are aware of this, as this is why they are getting such a great bargain.
  • Create Gift Sets for sale where your customers can purchase their products, aftercare and salon treatment as one set for a discounted price.  This is a great idea as gifts too for Christmas.
  • Buy your favourite retail products in before Black Friday so you are ready for your own Black Friday sale.  Package these up nicely using ribbon, gift bags and cute labels. A great way to earn on retail sales.
  • Get creative - on one Black Friday event our owner, Leigh Blackwell, created a fun game for her clients to play on social media.  This game made sure her salon was fully booked in January! Learn how to create this game for your customers here.

Whatever you decide to do, preparation is key.  Prepare now and you will reap the benefits of some great pre Christmas sales over Black Friday.  This will keep your social media busy, bring in new clients and reward existing clients.  

We have our own exclusive Pre Black Friday offers for our Trade Account customers so that you can stock up before Black Friday and earn a maximum return on your retail.  Make sure you have a London Brow Trade Account to enjoy our PRE Black Friday Sale and are subscribed to our email newsletters so you don't miss your unique code.

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