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Can I use Lash Lifting products on Brows? Why we don't use one product on lashes AND brows - The London Brow Company

Can I use Lash Lifting products on Brows? Why we don't use one product on lashes AND brows

Can I use brow lamination products for lash lifting? Or can I use lash lifting products for brow lamination?

This is a question we get asked ALL the time, and we mean ALL THE TIME.

The simple answer is NO.  

Yes, we would all love to be able to have one magical product that does all great things equally for all hair, and all hair types but unfortunately that is just not possible.  

Just look at how many shampoo's and conditioners are out there, literally hundreds, because we are not all the same as each other.  That is something to be celebrated, and here at The London Brow Company we do just that. Celebrate all your clients differences.

When we brought brow lamination to the UK there weren't any products suitable for brow perming. There were lots of lash perming / lifting products but nothing for brows. That is how The London Brow Company came to be, we set out to find safe products to use on brow hair that were cruelty free and made in the UK.

A quick look at the Chemistry

Since lash lift perm has some aggressive chemicals in it, it was developed to not touch the skin.  This is why lash lifting products may absolutely NOT be used on eyebrows.  We understand that many companies and brands claim that their lash perm is suitable for both eyelashes and eyebrows, however, in our research into all things skin and perm we would disagree.  All you need to do is have a look at the ingredients these lash perms have in them.  There is nothing in them to protect the skin - because they were not made for skin, they were made to be used on silicone lash pads.  Perfectly safe for eyelashes. Using lash perms on eyebrows can leave skin under and around the eyebrows red and irritated and can cause brow hair damage. 

Remember – perming lotions include harsh chemicals such as thioglycolate, ammonia and ethanolamine in proportions that are ok to use on hair but not on the skin.

There is also a difference between brow hair and lash hair, as well as a difference in what you are trying to do to them. You are curling lashes and straightening brows. The perming chemicals need to account for this too. 

We are not here to criticise other brands and how they label their products, we really do work by the 'live and let live' ethos. We are just explaining why we have two separate products for two separate treatments.

Brow Lamination

These products need to have a lot of protective ingredients in them to ensure the delicate eye skin around the brows is protected while the product is on the brow hair and the skin.  We also need to have many soothing ingredients in this product to calm the skin down after it has been exposed to the perming chemicals.  We have formulated a gentle system that has anti irritation and anti redness properties in it. We have also ensured our perm has ingredients that form a barrier on the skin to protect it while the perm is taking place.  These are natural and plant based ingredients from some incredible forces of nature.  

We also have two different types of Brow Perm.  As there is not barrier when using brow lamination (such as adhesive when doing lash lifts) we recommend therapists use different perming lotions for different client hair types.  Just like we do in salons when perming head hair.  Remember all clients are different and all brow hair is different, so using a strong perm on a fine brow will cause over processing.  Using a weak perm on a coarse brow will cause brow hair drying out and skin under the brow to be exposed to the chemicals for too long resulting in brow eczema and skin irritation.  This is why, if you are serious about ensuring clients get bespoke treatments, you will use the products that are most suitable for your client.

We have London Brow Lite (for fine to medium brow hair) and London Brow Pro for Medium to Thick / Coarse Brow hair.  This way you ensure your clients hair is safely permed at all times.

Lash Perming

When it comes to a lash lifting product we also have you covered! our newest innovation in Lash Lifting has arrived – Speed-Lift!

For the first time you can now lock growth serums into your clients lashes while doing a lash lift treatment. Our unique system infuses powerful plant-based growth enhancers into the hair shaft while the cuticle is open, and the client’s lashes are being lifted. The client will then have these cutting-edge growth serums locked into their lashes when the cuticles close making our growth serums up to 80% more effective than topical serums.

Offer your clients two treatments in one and incredible long strong lashes in every session.

A lash lift treatment would normally take approximately 35 minutes to 55 minutes to complete, depending on the brand you use, but our Speed-Lift system will allow you to do a lift within 10 - 20 minutes (depending on lash type) without the damage. Our new lash lifting system has London Brow's unique plant keratin shield system which protects lashes while you perm them.

These products need to be slightly stronger than brow perm as they need to work through the adhesive barrier on the silicone pad and then penetrate the lash hair.  They also need to work harder to curl the lash as opposed to ironing out the eyebrows.  This is why many lash perm products will either over process brow hair or give uneven brow laminations as they are not created to work on brow hair.

Lash perming products have very little in the way of hair or skin protection as they are merely formulated to do a job of perming.  Our lash perm on the other hand has been created to look beyond just perming the lashes, we have added some incredible ingredients to help keep lashes soft, nourished and infused with our growth serum system.  All plant based using the latest in vegan / plant based cosmetic science.

We have taken a step back and looked at brows and lashes independently of each other so that we can deliver the best treatment in their own rights to your clients.  We all know that when using a 'one size fits all' product, it is going to fall short somewhere because all our clients are different. We don't want this and neither do you.  

The London Brow Company is a small, passionate company with our own Research and Development team. Our founder, Leigh Blackwell, was a beauty therapist for many years and works full time in the development sector of our products to work on changing things that she and other therapists felt have been lacking in our industry.  Its about quality over quantity while keeping beauty ethical, plant based and sustainable. 

If you have any questions about our ranges please do not hesitate to contact our friendly knowledgeable team.  Email

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