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FAQ's - London Brow Hybrid Dye - The London Brow Company

FAQ's - London Brow Hybrid Dye

Hybrid Dye versus Tint - What's the difference?

London Brow Hybrid Dye is intended to last longer than normal hair tint.  skin stain lasts up to 7 days and then a further 7 weeks on the hairs, with the 'roots' or new growth just needing touched up.

Hair Tint has no skin stain and will only last up to 4 weeks on the hairs.

Benefits of the Hybrid Dye

The London Brow Hybrid Dye is long lasting, easy to use and simple to mix and match with other colours in the collection to produce an individual bespoke blend for your client.

Ensure you also purchase the London Brow Hybrid Dye Developer as the Hybrid Dye won't activate without it.

Resorcinol-free, Paraben free, Ammonia-free and Cruelty Free

We recommend pre-testing and experimenting with all the colours on yourself first so that you can get used to the different shades and timings.  This is a new system so take time to get comfortable with how the dye works and your timing’s before using the dye on your clients.

Preparing the skin for application:

To get a really good skin stain you need to ensure you prepare the brows correctly. There are various skin types and skin shedding happens in cycles where there is often dead skin you can't see. Ideally you want a nice clean surface to work on by following the below steps

  • Exfoliate eyebrows gently with London Brow Natural Scrub and remove with warm cotton pads.
  • Wash with London Brow Shampoo, rinse with warm water to fully remove scrub and shampoo. Pat dry the eyebrows.
  • Begin mapping out your desired brow area to ensure a precise application of the dye
  • Apply a barrier jelly/paste as close to the hairs being treated as possible above and below


The process of applying the hybrid dye is very similar to that of henna application so if you have experience in this treatment this will be of an advantage to you.

Before starting the tinting treatment wear gloves, protect your clothes and work surfaces to avoid stains from the dye. Use the prepared dye immediately, do not store it.

  • In your dappen dish thoroughly mix the London Brow Developer and London Brow Hybrid Dye in a ratio of 1:1 until smooth consistency is achieved. We recommend using 0.5 of dye and an equal proportion of developer.
  • The Dye is a thin consistency so you will need to begin by alternating between eyebrows, apply the dye in layers, allowing each layer to set. Work from the outside of the eyebrows and work inwards. Your first layer will be underneath the brow hair, press the dye down into the skin. Then repeat for a second and third layer and then set you timer.
  • The longer the dye is left on the darker the shade and the longer on the skin the more depth of skin stain. Remove Dye from the front of the brows half way through development time to create an ombré effect.
  • Eyebrows range from 5 - 15 minutes, eyelashes 5 - 12 minutes so remember to set your timer
  • With the dye being a skin stain you must be very careful to be precise on your application. If you need to remove dye from any unwanted areas you can use the London Brow Colour Remover on a cotton swab and gently wipe the area.


Do I need to be qualified to use this product?

 Yes, you will need a professional brow and lash tinting certificate to use this product.  This is a professional use product.

Can I use Hybrid Dye with Brow Lamination?

Yes our hybrid dye is safe to use with Brow Lamination treatments as long as the brows you are working on are healthy and in good condition.

Is this product suitable while pregnant or breastfeeding?

We don't recommend during pregnancy or breast feeding, nothing that sits on the skin should be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding unless 100% natural. 

Can this be used on eyelashes?

Yes we have black and blue black especially for eyelashes

Can this be used with London Speed-Lift Dual Step 2?

Yes our eyelash dye can be used with our Speed-Lift Dual Step 2

Does this contain Henna?

Our dye does contains lawsonia inermis which is an extract used for its hair growth properties.  There is not enough henna extract to change colour or affect colour shades. 

If your client has a henna allergy we do not recommend you use this dye.

Does this contain PPD?

Yes, our hybrid dye does contain Paraphenylenediamine commonly known as PPD.  This is why patch testing is a legal requirement when using this product.

I can see a green hue to the dye as it processes on some shades, is this normal?

Yes, as our dye is vegan and we use plant based ingredients you may notice colour changes as the dye oxidises. This is normal and does not affect the final colour. We have worked hard to keep as many nasties out of our dye as possible. Just trust the process.

Do I need to Patch Test with this dye?

Yes.  All clients will need to have a patch test prior to a London Brow Hybrid dye treatment. 

Do I need additional training to use London Brow Hybrid Dye?

All you will need is your current tinting qualification.  You do not need additional training, hybrid tinting is a skill you will need to build up over time. If you have trained in Henna then you will have an advantage as the application is very similar. If you are not trained in henna then follow our instagram account where we share our BA's who are showing their incredible techniques so you can learn from them.  Top Tip * do swatch tests on yourself first to learn about your colours and timings before working on your clients.

Do I need to use the London Brow Hybrid Dye Developer?

Yes, our system only works correctly when the dye and developer are used together. You can purchase your developer with your dye serperately from our shop, if you have not purchased the starter kit. Ratio is 1:1

Is there any specific aftercare that should be followed with the hybrid dye to help the stain stay for the longest period of time?

The main aftercare is to keep brows free of harsh product cleansers, scrubs and make up remover. Keeping them dry for 24 hours post treatment also helps with skin stain.

Im having issues opening the Hybrid Dye Developer bottle, can you assist?

There is a small spike in the lid of the developer, if you close the developer really tightly the spike in the lid will pierce the top of the developer bottle for you.

What temperature do I store the dye at?

Store at a temperature from +5 degrees celsius to +25 degrees celsius.

If you're looking to see our Hybrid Dye in action then head to our @thelondonbrowcompany where our incredible BA's are creating magic with our brand new product. 

If you're looking how to create different looks with our Hybrid Dye then checkout our latest blog post here.

Haven't found the answer to your question then email us at


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