New Product Alert! The latest in lash lifting glue is now here!

New Product Alert! The latest in lash lifting glue is now here! 

Lash Glue Balm is here! Yes you heard us, Glue Balm.

What is this you ask?

It is the quickest, easiest and cleanest way to lift your clients lashes. No more stringy glue, no more waiting for glue to dry on lashes or fighting with dried out glue in the bottle.

Our lash glue balm holds lashes in place without over drying. This means lashes can be adjusted throughout the gluing process without using water. Use this instead of lash lift glue to secure lashes to the lash shields.

Not only is this a glue balm, it nourishes the lashes while you work keeping them safe and giving a glorious healthy shine. 

Over 80 lash applications in one tin and lasts for up to 12 months once opened. What's not to like? An absolute game changer!

If you're interested in our Lash Glue Balm, we should also introduce you to our Lash Securing Strips.

We all know that sometimes lashes are tricky and do not stay in place when you are trying to set them with Step 2.  We have just the solution for you! Our new silicone lash securing strips.

These strips are reusable, sanitisable and a great way to secure your clients lashes during a lash lift so they stay on the lash pad during your steps.

No mess, mouldable, easy to use, medical grade silicone.

*Product needs to be sealed after each use and not left open / exposed


Watch our incredible BA @jessicajanebryan from @therubyroomsroyston showing you how to use our glue balm and lash securing strips here.

Our glue balm is different to adhesive because it is water soluble for easy removal and it does not dry out so you can always adjust your lashes during your placement without putting strain on the lashes.  

How to use :

Use a angled brush or a Y comb and use the balm generously (don't worry you have a big pot this will last you ages!)

Brush the lashes up with the balm, working in small sections, securing the lashes to your lash pad.

Perfect your lashes and make sure lashes are fully secured before applying Step 1.

When applying step 1 make sure you only apply along the first 1/4 of the lash line.  Do not flood the lashes with Step 1.

Remove step 1 with a damp cotton bud in an upward direction.

Apply more glue balm if needed to keep the lashes secured in place.

Apply step 2 and use a lash securing strip to get the most even fullest lift possible.

Remove all product with an angled brush or damp cotton bud or pad.

You are finished!  No messy residue, no sticky lashes, no excess cleaning ruining your new lift.  Just nourished, glossy lifted lashes!

Troubleshooting Tips :

The lashes are coming away from the lash pad when I use the balm

Make sure you are generous with the balm and stick the lashes on firmly with a Y comb or lash lift tool.

Make sure you are not flooding the lashes with too much product.  Speed-lift is a powerful product you do not need too much to get an incredible lift.

Clean lashes fully after step 1 and reapply lashes to the lash shields with your glue balm, perfect them and then apply step 2.

Use lash securing strips if your clients have short lashes that tend to come away from the lash pad during treatment

Read our reviews from happy customers!

"Absolute game changer!"

"This has cut at least 10 minutes from my treatment time"

"I love that I am not having to over clean the lashes after the lift to get sticky glue off anymore"

"Best lash lift invention this year"


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