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Therapists - Why you should retail At Home Brow Lamination Kits - The London Brow Company

Therapists - Why you should retail At Home Brow Lamination Kits

Retailing At Home Brow Lamination Kits 

Not everyone can afford to have a salon treatment. This could be due to time or money or some people just prefer to do their own treatments as they enjoy this.

It is important to be able to sell to ALL markets when you work in the beauty industry.

We have seen many people turn to home use products for their eyebrows however there are no home use products that have been specially formulated for public use.  All home use products are professional products purchased from China and then labelled as ‘home use’ for sales purposes.  

That is why we have decided to formulate a mild lamination product that is safe for the public, adheres to UK and EU regulations and most importantly is cruelty free.  It has been 18 months in the making and we are so proud that our London Brow UK Safe Home Lamination Kit it is now available for public use.

We understand that as a therapist you may have a mental block to retailing at home products. You might think that by selling a retail product you will be discouraging your clients from booking in and having treatments done with you. However this is a mindset that will stop you from earning money in two separate markets and growing your business. 

You are only one person, there is a ceiling to how much money you can earn if you are only earning in the hours of the days that you work.  The way to grow your business is to retail and earn during the hours you are not working.

You do not have to be afraid of selling home use products.  

Remember :-

  • At home products are milder than professional use products to allow the consumer to use them safely at home. This will mean that their results will not last as long as a stronger professional product.  
  • Clients do not get the full experience of having a trained professional doing their treatment in salon which we all love.
  • Just because a customer uses an at home products does not mean they won't book in for a salon treatment when they can afford it or as a treat in between their home use product.
  • If your customer trusts the products you retail and the support they get with retail products, they will trust the treatments you offer.
  • Some customers have to chose between treatments so if they have a home use treatment they can book in for another treatment in salon so they can have both.
  • The younger market cannot always afford in salon treatments and will opt to do their own treatments (why miss out on selling to such a large market?)

We have all done our own at home treatments from time to time, whether it is a quick brow shape, or a box hair dye. We know it is not the same as going to a salon where you get pampered and looked after by a trained professional, however there are times when doing it yourself is either the only option you have or is a preference of yours.

This is how your customers feel as well. If you can support them in both areas then you will sell to two separate markets.

During a time where your customer may need to make a choice between the luxury of an in salon treatment or a more cost effective at home treatment, make sure you have both to offer them. When they can afford more they will book in again. We want to support all our consumers at all times as their circumstances are always changing. We all know if they cannot come to you, a therapist they trust, they will seek other options online and possibly use products that will damage their brows or skin.

All our London Brow therapists can earn 100% mark up on their retail of At Home Brow Lamination Kits. 

Our kits have been tried, tested and loved by OK! Magazine, Woman Magazine, The Notebook, New Magazine, In News

Finally a safe, cruelty free, home use lamination kit your clients can trust! 

We are always here for questions so don't hesitate to get in touch with our team if you would like to talk about how to retail these in your salons.

London Brow Home Lamination Kits Now Available 

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