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Top Trends: The Newest Eyebrows on Instagram We’ve Seen in 2022 - The London Brow Company

Top Trends: The Newest Eyebrows on Instagram We’ve Seen in 2022

Brows are every beauty guru’s best kept secret when it comes to making a statement, and there are loads of eyebrows on Instagram that are setting trends and shaping the beauty industry. If you need an Instagram eyebrows tutorial, the options are limitless for trends styles, tips, and tricks. Whether you like the natural look of the lamination trend or just love the bleached look, there are some amazing tutorials for Instagram eyebrows you can use to get the look. Here are some of the best eyebrows on Instagram we’ve seen!

Sleek & Styled Laminated Brows

Sticking with the natural look, laminated brows offer you a much more shaped and defined look. You can find these eyebrows on Instagram from accounts like ours at The London Brow Company. Laminating your brows is essentially performing a perm on them. Your brow stylist will have the ability to shape, tint, and style your brows however you like. But be sure you’re going to an accredited stylist for this look! The Instagram eyebrows tutorial for laminated brows could go horribly wrong at home if you don’t know what you’re doing! Lamination can be tricky, so it’s important to use high-quality products with nourishing ingredients.


Bright & Bleached

The bleached brow look is one you might be seeing a lot of when it comes to Instagram eyebrows tutorials. While many people do this at home, it’s always better when a professional at least advises. When you bleach your eyebrows, you’ll be able to dye them any colour you want or just leave them fair. Seeing these eyebrows on Instagram may inspire you to do something bold and drastic with your style, just be careful with the bleach, you don’t want to burn off your hair.

The Gemstone Brow

This is a fun one! With Summer Festivals fast approaching it's time to give those brows some bling! Layering 3D red rhinestone over the arch of the brow Cardi B truly made her entrance to Paris Fashion week known. A trend to ensure you don't go unnoticed! 

Our favourite is still the natural Eyebrow Lamination, for sure! What do you think of the new eyebrow trends on instagram?

At London Brow, we can help you get eyebrows worthy of Instagram. Our natural products and nourishing formulas will also protect your brows and deliver lasting results. Explore more today!

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