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Unveiling the Science Behind Sachets: Why We Choose This Packaging for London Brow Lamination

Unveiling the Science Behind Sachets: Why We Choose This Packaging for London Brow Lamination


Why Sachets?

At The London Brow Company, we often receive inquiries about why we opt for sachet packaging instead of pump bottles or glass containers for our London Brow Lamination products. Allow us to shed light on the science behind lamination and why sachets are the optimal choice.

Brow lamination involves a meticulous process comprising two essential steps: perming brows and neutralising them. These steps necessitate specific chemicals that are crucial for altering the hair structure and achieving the desired look. However, these chemicals are inherently sensitive to air, particularly oxygen. Exposure to air initiates a degradation process, rendering the active ingredients less effective or entirely inactive.

The stability and efficacy of our perm and neutralisers rely on minimal air exposure and secure packaging. Foil-lined sachets provide the ideal environment for preserving the integrity of these chemicals, ensuring they remain potent and effective until application. Unlike airtight pump bottles, which may still allow minute air particles to penetrate and compromise the product, our sachets guarantee maximum protection and a longer shelf life of 12 months.

While glass bottles may seem like a viable alternative, they also fall short in terms of airtightness and practicality. Constant opening and closing of the bottle introduce air, diminishing the product's effectiveness over time. Additionally, glass bottles typically offer smaller quantities (approximately 8g) compared to our generous 15g sachets.

Having been a therapist herself for many years, Leigh understands the frustrations of working with potentially compromised products. With foil sachets, there's no uncertainty about the freshness and effectiveness of the perm solution, ensuring consistent results for every treatment.

Moreover, the versatility of sachets extends beyond brow treatments. Even if there's leftover product after a treatment, it can be utilised for patch testing clients or stored for future use. For those seeking to prolong the life of an opened sachet, we provide handy tips on product storage in our blog.

In essence, our commitment to quality, efficacy, and convenience is reflected in our choice of sachet packaging for London Brow Lamination. Join us in embracing this eco-friendly and practical solution for preserving beauty and achieving stunning results, one sachet at a time.


Unveiling the Science Behind Sachets: Why We Choose This Packaging for London Brow Lamination

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