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Can I use Lash Lifting products on Brows? Why we don't use one product on lashes AND brows
Can I use brow lamination products for lash lifting? Or can I use lash lifting products for brow lamination? This is a question we get asked ALL the time, and we mean ALL THE TIME.
5 Top Tips When Starting In The Beauty Industry

So you've got the right mindset to drive your business forward but you're now looking for some tips to help you get the most from your new business. We share with you our top 5 tips to help your business succeed.

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At London Brow, we go above and beyond to bring you the best products.
We’re a vegan and cruelty free company, and our nourishing formulas are renowned for how gentle they are on hair. In our brow blog, you’ll learn about what makes lamination so special, how to avoid common mistakes, and so much more. Whether you’re a brow boss or just learning about lamination, this beauty care blog is for you. We want to provide you with content you can actually use to increase your services and keep customers coming back satisfied every time.
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Our brow blog is here for you anytime, and so are our brow products! From salon essentials to our three-step lamination kit, we have what you need to master brows and diversify your skillset.
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