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London Brow Oil Superfood Growth Elixir | Vegan & Natural Brow Care

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London Brow Oil Superfood Growth Elixir: Transform Your Brows Naturally

Introducing our London Brow Oil Superfood Growth Elixir, a powerful plant-based solution for achieving luscious, well-nourished brows. Designed to promote healthy hair growth, enhance thickness, and restore vitality, this elixir combines the benefits of natural superfoods with expert formulation.

1 x 15 ml Bottle

Key Features:

  • Rich Plant Oils: Seven intensive plant oils selected for nourishing and strengthening properties.
  • Superfood-Powered Formula: Infused with hair-boosting and enhancing superfoods for optimal brow growth.
  • Luxurious Sensation: Luxurious to touch, with an incredible scent for a delightful treatment experience.


  • Promotes Brow Growth: Stimulates follicles for fuller, revitalised brows.
  • Intense Hydration: Lightweight, non-greasy formula providing deep hydration.
  • Enhanced Brow Health: Addresses common concerns like thinning or over-plucked brows.

Safe and Ethical:

  • 🌱 Vegan and 🦙 Cruelty-Free: Adheres to ethical beauty standards.
  • 🚫 Free from Harmful Chemicals: Contains no parabens, synthetics, or toxins.

How to Use: Simply apply a few drops to your brows and gently massage in daily. The formula is designed for efficiency, requiring only a small amount for each application.

Usage: Ideal for use in all brow treatments, except brow lamination. Perfect for use after tinting and henna treatments to lock in colour and give brows a healthy shine.



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amanda C.
Amazing product

This product is lush! It’s so nourishing, leaves a beautiful shine and my clients love the scent :heart:️

Aisling T.
Highly recommended

The elixir is so lovely to use on clients and to retail after as it smells Devine , my client’s feel like there getting a spa experience after there brow treatments

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