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  1. Prepare the eyebrows/eyelashes by degreasing the skin and removing any makeup using an oil-free cleanser or London Brow Micellar Water Cleanser. 
  1. Apply a barrier jelly/paste around the eyebrows, both above and below, ensuring it is as close to the treated hairs as possible.
  1. In a dappen dish, mix the London Brow Tinted Liquid Stain and London Brow Tinted Developer in a ratio of 2:1 until you achieve a smooth consistency. (2 drops Tinted Liquid Stain to 1 drop Tinted developer)
  1. Eyebrows:

- For regular tinting: Using a micro brush, apply a thin and even layer of tint under the eyebrow line, working from the inner brow out. Gently brush the tint up and onto the brow hair using a micro brush or fine mascara wand, ensuring even coverage while avoiding the skin underneath the brow hair.

- For skin staining tinting: Using a micro brush, quickly and evenly apply a thin layer of tint starting from the outside of the eyebrows and working inwards. Apply the tint in 2-3 layers, starting with the skin under the brow hairs first and then over the brow hair. For an ombré effect, remove the tint from the front of the brows halfway through the development time. Press the tint onto the skin as you work, ensuring to only apply it in the desired shape and areas.


- Carefully and evenly apply the tint to the eyelashes, ensuring not to touch the lash line. Ask the client to gently close their eyes, and apply the tint downwards over the upper lashes as close to the lash line as possible. Throughout the tinting procedure, the eyes should remain closed to prevent tint from entering the eyes.

  1. The development time for eyebrows ranges from 2 to 10 minutes, depending on the desired intensity and tinting effect. For a fuller, long-lasting skin stain, a 10-minute development time is recommended. However, monitor the tinting colour closely to gauge the progress. To achieve an ombré effect, remove the front of the brow halfway through the development time at an angle towards the tail of the brow. Wait for 5 minutes after removing the tint to assess the true colour before considering reapplication.

    The exposure time for eyelashes is 5 minutes, so be sure to set a timer accordingly.
  1. Once the development time is complete and you're happy with the colour, use a damp cotton pad to carefully remove the tint from the eyebrows/eyelashes. Be gentle to avoid any tint getting into the client's eyes.
  1. To remove tint from any undesired areas, use London Brow Colour Remover. Apply the remover onto a cotton swab and gently wipe the area. Repeat if necessary, but remember to use gentle applications only. Avoid rubbing or applying excessive pressure. Finally, remove any colour remover residue with a damp cotton pad.

Pro Tip * Tinted Liquid Stain is a richly pigmented formula that processes quickly. To ensure precise application and a clean finish, we highly recommend using London Brow cotton tipped precision sticks to tidy up the edges of your brows as you apply the Tinted stain. For optimal results, work with a sharp angled brush and stay within the lines of your carefully mapped brow shape, achieving a sharp and flawlessly tinted look.

Tinted Liquid Stain Instructions | The London Brow Company