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Hybrid Dye Developer - London Brow Stain Hybrid Range

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London Brow Hybrid Dye Developer: Professional Precision for Brow Tinting

London Brow Hybrid Dye Developer, exclusively formulated for professional use. This product is designed to seamlessly blend with our London Brow Hybrid Dye, ensuring a perfect tinting experience.

Product Features:

  • Volume: 1 x 30ml bottle.
  • Compatibility: Specifically to be used with London Brow Hybrid Dye (not suitable for TINTED products).
  • Mixing Ratio: 1:1 with London Brow Hybrid Dye for optimal results.
  • Sealed for Safety: Bottles arrive sealed; tightly close the lid to pierce the seal before use.

Key Benefits:

  • Ease of Use: Cream developer that mixes easily for a smooth application.
  • Quality Results: Offers the power and intensity of henna with the simplicity of a tint.
  • Conditioning Formula: Enriched with natural, plant-based ingredients to leave brows conditioned and glossy.

Ethical Standards:

  • Vegan: Contains no animal-derived ingredients.
  • Cruelty-Free: Not tested on animals.
  • Free from Harmful Chemicals: Paraben-free and ammonia-free.


  • Strictly Professional Use: Not intended for home use, ideal for beauty professionals.


Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Helen D.
Best I have tried!

I bought the dye first and didn’t look closely enough to spot you have to buy the developer separately! Tried the dye with 2 other developer creams I already had, from other manufacturers. Result was a lovely dark brown tint that lasted 2-3 days on skin and weeks on brows and lashes. However, I then used this developer with the dye as per instructions and OMG it’s still staining my brow skin a week later. I am gobsmacked! I have tried at least 40 brow products due to younger me’s unfortunate ‘thin brow’ years, but this is the winner.

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