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Brow Lamination Advanced Masterclass

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Presenting the Ultimate Brow Lamination Masterclass – Elevate Your Expertise and work directly with Leigh Blackwell in our exclusive Masterclass courses.

For established brow professionals seeking to expand their horizons, our Brow Lamination Masterclass is your definitive pathway to advancement. Tailored to those already skilled in brow techniques, this masterclass unveils our unique treatment methods.

Why Choose Our Masterclass:

Perfect Your Craft: Elevate your brow skills with our specialised treatment techniques.
Designed for Professionals: Crafted exclusively for qualified brow technicians aspiring to refine their expertise.
Stay Ahead: Access the latest industry training in lamination.

Masterclass Highlights:

Advanced Brow Lamination:
- Dive deep into our proprietary Brow Lamination approach, developed through our pioneering legacy.
- Acquire cutting-edge skills to recreate the iconic London Brow Lamination style.

Brow Mapping Precision:
- Learn the art of brow mapping to achieve symmetry and precision, a hallmark of top-tier professionals.
- Elevate your shaping techniques to create brows that complement each unique face.

Professional Eyebrow Makeup Application:
- Unlock the art of professional eyebrow makeup, a crucial element for flawless finishing touches.
- Discover techniques to define, enhance, and complement brow laminations.

Troubleshooting Techniques:
- Equip yourself with invaluable troubleshooting skills to handle any situation with finesse.
- Learn from our experienced trainers and elevate your problem-solving abilities.

Optimal Product Utilisation:
- Unveil the secrets to achieving exceptional results using The London Brow Company's exclusive products.
- Maximise the potential of our products for stunning, lasting outcomes.


- Masterclass Achievement: Obtain a prestigious London Brow masterclass certification showcasing your elevated proficiency.
- Showcase Your Skills: Showcase your prowess in lamination, brow mapping, makeup, troubleshooting, and product utilization.

 *Important Note : This is a masterclass not an accredited course.  If you are not qualified in brow lamination and require an accredited certificate please take our Brow Lamination Accredited Course.

Flexibility and Support:

- Unrestricted Access: Benefit from a lifetime of access to masterclass materials, learning at your pace.
- Personalised Guidance: Enjoy continuous support and guidance from our seasoned professionals.

Secure Your Spot:

Ready to transcend your brow mastery? Enrol in our Brow Lamination Masterclass and join a select group mastering the latest industry techniques.

By selecting our masterclass, you're embracing innovation and agreeing to our Training Terms and Conditions.

Elevate your expertise to the highest level – become a true brow virtuoso with us!

Get Started:

Once you've purchased the course, you'll gain instant access to the online training portal. 

Join us in redefining beauty standards. Invest in your passion and expertise today!

By enrolling in our course, you agree to our Training Terms and Conditions.

Let's elevate those brows and confidence together!

*Model images are for illustration purposes, models in our training videos may differ as we are always updating our training.


What's in the Kit

1 x Pack 10 Sachets Brow Lift (Perm)

1 x Pack 10 Sachets Brow Setting 

1 x Pack 10 Sachets Nourishing Serum

Mascara Wands

Tint Applicators

Microfiber Brushes

1.5ml per sachet / 15ml per box

+\- 30 Treatments per kit, depending on brow type 


London Brow Lamination Course Student Kit

Digital Wax Heater for Soft and Hard Wax - The London Brow Company
Digital Wax Heater for Soft and Hard Wax - The London Brow Company

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Natural Waxing

Natural | Vegan | Made in the UK