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Step 1 Patch Test Sachets - London Brow Lamination

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Simplify Your Brow Lamination Patch Testing Process

Introducing our convenient Brow Lamination Patch Test Sachets, designed to make the client patch testing process as straightforward and efficient as possible. Say goodbye to using your in-salon products for patch tests and welcome a more streamlined approach.

Key Features:

  • 10 x Step 1 Patch Test Sachets: Each sachet is precisely measured with .25ml, exactly what you need for a single client patch test.
  • Safety Assured: Formulated without 'active' TGA components, these sachets are entirely safe for postal dispatch and won't compromise your client's skin or health.
  • Ease of Use: Specifically designed for ease, these sachets offer a hassle-free way to conduct necessary patch tests without wasting your salon’s valuable products.

Please Note:

  • These sachets contain non-active ingredients and are intended solely for patch testing purposes.
  • For those requiring a comprehensive patch test kit, please visit our full kit section for all your needs.

Product Clarification: This product is INACTIVE and NOT intended for use in actual brow lamination treatments. It is designed exclusively for patch testing purposes to ensure client safety and compatibility with brow lamination procedures.

Available Now: For professionals looking to enhance their pre-treatment protocol while ensuring client safety, our Brow Lamination Patch Test Sachets are the perfect solution. No more worries about product waste or client reactions; just straightforward, effective patch testing.


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