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Silicone Tip Brow Lamination Applicator

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Silicone Tipped Applicator: A Must-Have for Brow Lamination Treatments

Introducing our Silicone Tipped Applicator, the perfect tool for professional brow lamination treatments. This applicator is designed for precision and ease, reducing the need for single-use tools in your salon.

Product Features:

  • Design: Features a rounded silicone tip for delicate application.
  • Material: Soft silicone, ideal for gentle use during brow treatments.
  • Sanitisation: Can be sanitised quickly and efficiently with our All-in-One Salon Sanitiser Spray.

Key Benefits:

  • Eco-Friendly: A reusable alternative to disposable applicators.
  • Ease of Use: Soft and precise for comfortable brow lamination procedures.
  • Hygienic: Easy to clean and sanitise, ensuring a safe salon environment.


  • Ideal for Beauty Professionals: Essential for brow artists looking to incorporate sustainable and hygienic practices in their treatments.


Digital Wax Heater for Soft and Hard Wax - The London Brow Company
Digital Wax Heater for Soft and Hard Wax - The London Brow Company

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