Brow Comparisonitis - It's a thing!

Lets talk about Brow Comparisonitis! Yes, It's a thing and if you're a brow artist you have probably done it at some time in your career.

What is it?

This is when we see an incredible set of brows on instagram or facebook by another Brow tech and you immediately start the compare game.   Why doesn't mine look that sharp, that angled, that soft, that laminated, that tinted, that defined, that symmetrical.....on and on and on

It's normal to do every now and again but its not good for your creativity to do it all the time.

If you find yourself constantly comparing your work to others you need to take a step back and stop searching out other brow techs work.  Its not healthy looking at others and thinking there is competition out there.  There isn't, there are only other brow techs doing brows their own way and in their own style.

The things you need to consider when you feel like comparing are:-

How long have you been doing brows?   

Some of the incredible artists out there have been doing brows for years... and we mean years! Every single day for years and years.  They have definitely done their time and perfected their kraft.  No wonder their brow work is flawless!

Try not to compare your work if you are new to the brow game or new to lamination to someone who has been doing it for years.  We all want to be incredible when we first start but remember practise makes perfect and where brows are concerned this is exactly what brow techs do, practise.  A lot! 

Are the photos filtered and edited?  

We all know editing, filters and lighting is the way photos are taken these days.  Most of the time you will see brows in their most divine light because of the work gone into the positioning of the client, the lighting, the camera used and the editing afterwards.

So don't be quick to compare as sometimes an incredible filter or brow makeup has helped achieve the flawless look.

What type of brows does the client have?  

Different brow types will show different results.  Some of the flawless brow photos do include clients that have the most incredible brows or brow hair type to start with.   Instagram brows are going to be the brow techs best brows of the day, you don't know how many brows were done before posting the 'perfect' brow.

Knowing that Comparisonitis is a thing it's good to stop yourself when you catch yourself doing it.  If you still feel like you are not where you want to be as a brow tech then keep learning, keep practising and keep trying new things until you get your own perfect brow.

You never know which brow will walk through the door, you need to work with your own skills and give the client the best brow for them. Not everyone will suit the instagram brow, and that's okay. Knowing what you can do and how you can give your client a brow that's perfect for them is the key to success.

Remember there are so many clients out there who need their brows done!  We all have eyebrows.  You can't possibly service them all and neither can your competition, there really are enough brows for all of us to perfect.

At The London Brow Company we embrace uniqueness.  There is never a one size fits all in the beauty industry and that is the best part of it.  You can create a look that is uniquely yours.  Create your own signature brow and be proud to showcase all your work on instagram, even the ones you don't thing are 100% flawless because you never know who is falling in love with your brow style.

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