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Your First Brow Lamination: What to Expect When They Style Your Brows - The London Brow Company

Your First Brow Lamination: What to Expect When They Style Your Brows

Whether you need to style brows for a bold and fierce look or just want to elevate your natural beauty, brow lamination is the perfect way to get lasting and effective results. You can think of this brow design process as a perm for your eyebrows. Brow lamination has been sweeping the beauty world for a few years now, and the experts at The London Brow Company know a thing or two about the process. After all, our founder, Leigh Blackwell, has been changing the brow game for over ten years and is now bringing lamination to salons around the globe.

When you decide to style your brows with lamination, there are a few things you need to know. After all, this lamination isn’t like the shiny finish we see on papers. This brow design is engineered to give you a polished look that will last for weeks. Before you dive in head first, let’s go into some specifics of what you can expect when it comes to lamination and how beauticians will style your brows.

The Process

Like all beauty routines, brow lamination takes time. Now, you won’t be at the salon all day while they style your brows, but if you want it done right, block out an hour or so to complete the total process. It goes like this:

  • Your stylist will apply a brow lift cream that will lift your hairs. This makes it possible for your brows to stand up and not need constant brushing. The eyebrow lifting cream starts the chemical process of breaking down bonds in your brow hairs and lays a solid foundation for a lasting brow lamination.
  • Next, the beautician applies a neutraliser to seal your brows and keep them in place.
  • Then, brow hairs are brushed upward with a spoolie to put them in a uniform, vertical direction. This is the shaping part of your brow design, and after your stylist gets your brows how you like them, they’re now ready to be set.
  • Lastly, a nourishing oil is brushed across your brows to prevent skin irritation and dryness that could lead to breakage when you style your brows with lamination.

You can also get plucking, waxing, and tinting done in this process to finesse your brows and get even better results.

The Benefits

If you’re not one to take time to style brows consistently, lamination is the perfect alternative to filling, shaping, and plucking your brows regularly. Whether they’re sparse or bold, this brow design is great to combat thinning brows, over-plucking, unruly brows, and unevenness. It also provides these great benefits:

  • You get a natural look. Instead of having over-lined and over-shaped brows, lamination gives you an effortless look.
  • Your brows will look fuller and be more manageable. This style for brows is perfect for every type out there. If you have sparse brows, lamination makes them look fuller and more fluffy. If you have thicker brows that need more taming, this will set them in place and give you the control you need.
  • It’s needle-free. Not everyone is a fan of needles, and brow procedures like tattooing and microblading include needles. This is a pain-free way to get amazing brows to enhance your already gorgeous face.
  • It lasts longer than plucking, threading, or waxing. Lamination can last up to eight weeks, so you won’t constantly be at the salon touching up your brow design. Plus, it’s easy to remove.

This unique style of brow design will give you results you’ll love and elevate your brow game for all to see.

The Results

We love lamination because when you need to style brows, it's an efficient and trendy, not to mention beautiful, way to take brows to the next level. Whether you’re going to a salon or doing it at home, brow design, like lamination, is a great way to take your natural beauty to a whole new level.

  • Your brows will look styled and groomed to perfection.
  • If your brows are sparse or thin, you’ll be able to have them filled in, elongated, and looking thicker with just one appointment.
  • For thicker, unruly brows, you’ll get those hairs trimmed and tamed, so you don’t have anything distracting from your natural beauty–only enhancing it.
  • Overall, when you style brows with lamination, you’ll have slick, shiny brows that don’t need any effort to look amazing.

When it comes to brow design, The London Brow Company is skilled in all things lamination. Our online courses through the Leigh Blackwell Training Academy are internationally recognised and accredited, so no matter where you are, you can bring better brows to everyone across the globe. All of our products, from lamination kits to style brows to salon essentials, are manufactured with you in mind. We use nourishing formulas and natural ingredients, and we’re a cruelty-free company. We want you to feel good about every item you purchase from London Brow, and all of our products are manufactured in the UK. Shop today to explore more and get the look with London Brow today!

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