Sachets - why do we use this packaging?

Sachets, Sachets, Sachets......

Why Sachets?

Yes we do get asked all the time why we don't do pump bottles, glass bottles and other containers to put your London Brow Lamination in. So lets explain the science of lamination

Brow lamination steps 1 and 2 contain chemicals which are needed to 1) Perm Brows and 2) Neutralise Brows

These chemicals are unavoidable, they are the only way we can change the structure of the hair to get it to sit in the new position we set it in.

These chemicals are also very sensitive to air (oxygen in the air). Once they are exposed to air they will start to break down and degrade. This means the active ingredients in the chemicals stop being active. Leaving products that either don't work as effectively or don't work at all.

The only stable way of ensuring your perm and neutralisers are kept safe and effective are in foil lined sachets and sealed with minimal air exposure.

Airtight pump bottles are not 100% airtight, you also cannot get every last drop out of the pump bottle as the pumps only rise so far in the tubes, leaving at least a small amount left in the bottom which is inaccessible.

When you pump your bottle minute air particles do get sucked into the bottle and start to degrade your product. That is why air tight bottles have a 4 - 6 month shelf life - unlike our sachets which have 12 months shelf life.

Glass bottles - these again are not air tight and as the more you open and close your bottle the more air you introduce to the product and the less active and effective your product is. Also glass bottles tend to only give you 8g of product. With us you get 15g.

As a therapist herself for many years, Leigh has worked with numerous lash perms and always hated having the perm in a bottle wondering if it was still effective or if it had gone off! With the foil sachets you know you always have fresh perm ready for every treatment.

If you want to try and extend the life of an unused opened sachet we have tips on this too - just read our blog on product storage.

The other bonus is if you have some product remaining in your sachet but not enough for a brow treatment you can use this for patch testing clients.

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