Make Your Eyebrows Sisters, Not Twins

Are Your Brows Twins or Sisters? 

Let’s face it: brows are tough, but knowing that your eyebrows should be sisters and not twins can help along the journey. From over plucking to over-filling, mastering the art of brow shaping is a challenge we all have to face. So, you want to know how to get matching eyebrows? Well, the answer to that is you don’t. Because nobody’s face is perfectly symmetrical, your brows won’t be either. You have to go with your natural shape and make your eyebrows sisters, not twins. Here are some things to keep in mind when you’re trying to get even brows that frame your face and enhance your beauty!

Use the right tools.

You can’t get the best brows if you’re not using the right tools. When you’re learning how to get matching eyebrows, it’s important to make sure you set yourself up for success. Tweezers, spoolie brushes, brow scissors, and a brow pencil are a must. To make your eyebrows sisters, not twins, use our trusted brow tools and accessories to get the best results.

Stay away from magnifying mirrors.

It may seem counterintuitive when you’re trying to make your eyebrows sisters and not twins, but a magnifying mirror can be the death of perfect complimentary brows. If you want to know how to get matching eyebrows, it’s important to know that using a mirror up close on your brows can do a lot of harm. It can be very misleading and cause you to over pluck your brows and go against your natural shape. It’s best to use a regular mirror at a safe distance away, so you don’t go too crazy with the tweezers and end up with pencil eyebrows from the 90s.

Go with your brows’ natural shape.

It’s easy to get swept away in the latest trends and celebrity looks. Cara Delivigne, Audrey Hepburn, Beyonce, and more all have beautiful eyebrows that are sisters, not twins. This is because they work with their natural shape. If you want classic and timeless brows, don’t stray too far from your natural shape. After all, working with what you already have is the best thing to do to enhance your beauty. Lamination is a great way to stay bold and stylish with your brows, but also make them your own. On your journey of how to get matching eyebrows, it never hurts to have a professional show you some tips and tricks to balance your brows and give you a unique look.

Fill in any unevenness with brow pencils and tint.

We all make mistakes and sometimes we go a little too far with the tweezers. Luckily, there are loads of products to choose from to fill in brows and restore your natural shape. Our London Brow Professional Brow Pencils, tinting, and pomades are great options to choose when your brows need a little extra love.

Shop London Brow to make your eyebrows sisters, not twins! We have everything you need to help you along your journey of knowing how to get matching eyebrows and will enhance the natural beauty of your brows. Explore all we have today via our online shop.

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