Not all Brow Perm is created Equal! Lite and Pro London Brow Perm

Did you know we are the only brand that offers TWO types of brow lamination strengths for your clients?

Pro - for our experienced professionals who like the speed and power of the advanced brow lamination. We recommend our advanced range for Medium to Course Brows as the power of the lift will ensure you can work on these brows effectively without leaving perm on brows for too long. If you are an experienced brow tech or have trained with The London Brow Company you can also use the advanced range on thin or sparse brows, however it needs to be used on these hairs with extreme caution.

Lite (Sensitive)  - We have a weaker and less powerful range in our brow perm for thin, sparse brows and for our brow techs who are just starting out in brow lamination and need the extra time to be able to work with the brows without over processing.

What is the difference between the two?


  • Quicker Timings
  • Works on Coarse, Stubborn brow hair
  • More effective on Thick Brow Hair
  • Allows for more styling with experienced therapists


  • Slower Timings
  • Works best on finer, sparse hair
  • Better for clients who have sensitive skin
  • Idea for beginners to Brow Lamination

Our Pro range and Lite ranges have been formulated with different ingredients to allow for slowing down the process. This is why it is important not to use a 'One for all' product on Brows and Lashes. The hairs are different and over / under processing is easier when you are trying to use a dual product.

Why are our results so different to others?

We have a specific formulation for Brow Perming which we have designed ourselves and we continue to work with our labs to improve on.

Think about your hair, would you benefit from using a one for all hair product? That claims it works on every single hair type on the market effectively? No, you buy products best suited for YOUR hair type. The same goes for our products. Not everyone is the same so we need to factor that in when working on our clients.

Remember we are always here to chat about our products and have a helpful and experienced team in our HQ to speak to you we are only a phone call or email away.


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