Speed-Lift Dual Step 2 - Time to speed up your lash lifting!

New to the Speed-Lift lash lifting system is our innovative Dual Step 2.

You can now save time and money.  With our Dual Step 2 you can neutralise and tint your lashes in one simple step.

How it works:-

We have perfected the technology to combine the process of tinting and neutralising to limit the time the lash hair is exposed to chemicals.  Making it kinder on the hair and easier to use.

How to use it:-

  • While your lashes are perming with our Step 1 Lash lifting gel, mix your tint with our Dual Step 2 neutraliser using a 1:1 ratio
  • Leave to develop while your lashes are perming (this helps with a more intense lash colour)
  • After you have removed your Step 1 perming lotion add your Dual Step 2 tint mix all over the lashes.
  • Leave for 5 - 8 minutes depending on lash type.
  • 5 minutes for fine lashes up to 8 minutes for coarse, thick lashes.
  • Remove and apply Step 3 lash lock waterproof serum.

Continue to finish your treatment as you normally would.

Do I have to change all my Speed-Lift Products?

No! The best part is you only have to purchase the Dual Step 2 and add it to your existing Speed-Lift steps.  No additional costs, No changing your products.  The best part is our Dual Step 2 works with any cream tint so you do not even have to purchase a new tint to use this.


It is that easy! Read our FAQ's so you can understand your new Dual Step 2.


Which tint can I use with this?

This system is only compatible with cream tint pastes.  This is not suitable for gel tints or hybrid gel tints. It is however compatible with our very own London Brow Hybrid Dye - The Kensington Collection

Our Tint is very dark so you will need to make sure it is applied cleanly. 

Do I still need to add my own tint developer?

No you do not need to add any tinting developer to our Dual Step 2, the developer is built into our neutraliser

Do I have to use Dual Step 2 in my speed-lift lash lifting steps?

Dual Step 2 is an optional product that you can use instead of your step 2 sachets.  If you would prefer to tint separately you can continue to use our Speed-Lift Step 2 sachets. 

Can I use my Step 2 sachets as a Dual Step 2?

No, our dual step 2 technology is only available in our bottled Dual Step 2 product.  Our Speed-Lift step 2 sachets are for our original system and you will still need to use your own tint and developer after your step 2 to tint separately.

Is your Dual Step 2 Bottle recyclable?

Yes it is, please recycle in plastics.  

How long does Dual Step 2 last?

When stored in a cool dark place your Dual Step 2 will last for 6 months once opened.

Is Dual Step 2 Vegan and Cruelty Free?

Absolutely! We have developed this product and know whats in it.  It is Vegan, Cruelty Free and made in the United Kingdom.

How does this save time?

As you are combining your tinting and neutralising steps you can be saving 5 - 10 minutes from your treatment depending on how much time you normally tint for.  You are also saving an additional 5 minutes for application and removal.

Can I use Dual Step 2 with other branded lash lifting products?

We cannot guaranteed lash health or results if mixing our products with other brands.  We have formulated our system to work with each other so we know exactly how much of a certain chemical we need in our Step 2 to work with our Step 1 and our Step 3.  If you mix chemicals you may get uncertain results or damage your clients lash hair by using chemicals that are not suited to each other.

Can I use this on Brow Laminations?

This product is not suitable for use with London Brow Lamination.

Available in a easy to use and store dropper bottle, make sure you shake well before use.

If you have any questions reach out to our team who will be happy to help! 


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