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New Formulation for London Brow Lamination! - The London Brow Company

New Formulation for London Brow Lamination!


We brought lamination to the UK and USA so we know a thing or two about Brow Perming. We have never stopped working on our formulations to make sure you are using the most up to date, cutting edge plant based science when doing your brow treatments.

We are proud to say we have now launched another WORLDWIDE first for you to grow your business with.

Waterproof* and Skin safe brow lamination.

What does this mean? Let us explain.

Our upgraded formulation now has a waterproof shield in it which will allow your clients to get their brows wet without waiting 24 - 48 hours. Game changer right?! Yes! We think so too!

Don't worry we have left everything you have come to love and expect from our brow lamination products in our formulation however have just made our products 100 times better too!

This is London Brow Lamination 2.0

Skin safe? Yes ! We have worked to make our perms as safe as possible on skin and hair so you can now apply to the whole brow and get that balanced overall perm you see in our results without the redness and irritation.

We have also got a plant based keratin super power in your new formula and its upgraded with our new keratin shield system. This will coat the brow hair and work deep down keeping the hair safe internally while perming using our plant based system inspired by Olaplex.

There are so many reasons to love the new upgraded London Brow Pro Lamination*

*Our London Brow Pro system will need all three London Brow Steps to be waterproof. 

London Brow Artist Ella Walters MUA - view her page to book in.

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