London Brow Doctor Mask, why you need this ultimate brow mask in your salon!

The London Brow Company have designed the ultimate in hair restoration technology with The London Brow Doctor.

Our brow mask has been formulated to give brows the strength and protection they need against chemical treatments and makeup we place on our brow hair daily.  Repairing brow hair from the inside out our innovative technology will help to rejuvenate brows to give them a glossy strength like never before.

What is Brow Doctor?

A unique brow mask developed by us using the ultimate in hair restoration technology.   Brow Doctor is an intensive conditioner and bond restorer giving your clients the best brow spa in the world.

This little pot of gold has so many uses and is a must have if you do any form of brow lamination, tinting or lash lifting in your salon.

Ways to use Brow Doctor

  • As a 10 minute brow mask for ultimate brow health during brow maintenance treatments
  • As a 5 minute Brow Botox during brow lamination treatments
  • As an overnight intensive hair repair mask
  • As a repair mask for over processed brows or lashes

How to use brow doctor

Salon Maintenance Treatments

A salon maintenance treatment is an appointment clients have in between their main brow or lash appointments.  So while they are waiting to have their brows relaminated or henna'd or their lashes re-lifted they would attend an in between maintenance appointment.  A short appointment to top up colour or do a brow tidy, mask or lash botox.

Apply brow doctor to the brows or lashes, leave on for 10 minutes then remove with warm damp cotton pads.  This should ideally be done before tinting and waxing.

Proceed with the maintenance treatment thereafter.

5 minute Brow or Lash Botox

Apply brow doctor to the brows or lashes after step 2 of your lamination or lash lifting treatment.  Leave on for 5 minutes, remove with warm damp cotton pads and continue with the treatment.

Overnight intensive mask

Retail Brow Doctor to your clients to use at home as an intensive over night mask.  Ideal for clients who are looking for brow restoration, growth and strengthening.  Apply on brows before bed and remove with warm damp cotton pads in the morning.  Use at least twice a week for maximum benefits.

Over processed Repair mask

If clients have over processing of their brows or lashes apply brow doctor as soon as possible after over processing.  Leave on for 15 - 20 minutes, gently remove with a warm cotton pad.  If reversing a lash lift do this before using perm to reverse the lash lift and then apply again at the end of your treatment for another 10 minutes.  Send your client home with some brow doctor for twice weekly overnight masks until brow or lash hair have recovered.

As you can see there are so many incredible uses for our brow mask, we created it for this very reason you can have a multi use product that fortifies and strengthens brow and lash hair while giving it an incredible shine and softness.

A must have product to stock to take your treatments from great to outstanding! 

Buy your London Brow Doctor today and have a little pot of gold magic in your salon to make your treatments stand out from the competition! 

Watch our video below and see how we use The London Brow Doctor in our maintenance treatments. 


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