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Taking Care of Business: How to Maintain Your Eyebrows Between Laminations - The London Brow Company

Taking Care of Business: How to Maintain Your Eyebrows Between Laminations

When you need to know how to maintain your eyebrows, it’s easy to get confused. Can you get your brows wet post treatment? Do I need to put any products on my brows? What about a brow mask? These are all good questions if you need to know how to maintain laminated brows. Luckily for you, we have the answers! If you want to keep your laminated brows healthy and looking sharp, there are a few steps you can take in-between treatments that can help.

Caring for and knowing how to maintain eyebrows after your lamination starts the second your appointment wraps up. So, be sure to take the right steps to keep your brows in check and on point. Here are some tips on how to maintain your eyebrows and get the most from your brow lamination!


This is a crucial step in how to effectively maintain laminated brows. Thankfully, we have made your aftercare life much easier with our new London Brow Pro waterproof formula. Yes, you heard right. No more waiting 24 - 48 hours to wash eyebrows (although you can if you love the unwashed wet set look!) No more panicking about getting your eyebrows wet in the rain, kiddie baths or just needing to go out! We have created a unique system that allows you to go to the gym, get your brows wet and not worry about them. You will be using the only brow lamination on the market to do this! It's still best practice to brush the brows back into their lifted shape afterwards – so ‘set when wet’ and this will keep your brows lifted for longer.

Be Sure to Hydrate

Eyebrow hair is sensitive, so it needs a little extra love after a lamination treatment. Even though all London Brow products are made with nourishing formulas meant to fortify your hair, using our Keratin Boost Brow Serum or Moisturising Mask - London Brow Doctor in-between laminations is a great way to ensure your brow hair stays strong, long and can prevent breakage. This simple tip on how to maintain your eyebrows is an easy step you can incorporate into your usual skincare routine, and you’ll thank yourself later for doing it.

Stay Away From Harsh Chemicals

We don’t always think about the chemicals in our face wash, shampoo, and cosmetics, but certain brands use harsh chemicals that can actually damage your brows. If you’re worried about how to maintain your brows at home then start by looking at the ingredients in your face washes, foundations, and other beauty products. If there are high levels of phthalates, parabens, and sulphates, maybe opt for something a bit gentler on the skin. You should also avoid any exfoliation, chemical peels or other beauty procedures if you want to maintain your eyebrows between lamination sessions.

Style Your Brows

This is an important tip in learning how to maintain laminated brows. Be sure to brush them twice a day with a clean mascara wand to help your brows keep their beautiful shape and prolong the lamination effect. All hair needs to be styled and looked after, and your eyebrows are no exception! Brushing them will keep your brows neat and pristine, so you don’t have to worry about scraggly brow hair.

At London Brow, we want to help everyone learn how to maintain eyebrows after a brow lamination and bring out their natural beauty! Whether they’re thick or sparse, our lamination kits will take brows to a whole new level. Whether you’re a brow pro or just starting out, we have the tools and resources to help you reach your beauty goals. So, get the look and shop London Brow today!

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