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Patch Testing - Top Tips for London Brow Lamination Patch testing - The London Brow Company

Patch Testing - Top Tips for London Brow Lamination Patch testing

Patch Testing for Brow Lamination.  This is a grey area in the professional beauty industry with some companies asking salons to patch test before every appointment and some companies saying you do not need to patch test at all.  We get asked all the time whether you should or should not be patch testing your clients for Brow Lamination. We are here to answer your questions and help you understand how we do things at The London Brow Company when it comes to patch testing our brow lamination clients.

We feel that patch testing clients is very important, regardless of whether your insurance company require you to or not.  For us it's more about client care than insurance tick boxes.  Yes it is time consuming and Yes not all your clients will be happy to come into your salon to have a patch test, but as a therapist it is important to ensure you are always putting your clients health and safety first.

Do you patch test all clients who want to have Brow Lamination?

Yes.  We patch test all our clients before their first treatment.  We like to ensure patch testing is done at least 72 hours before treatment to give enough time between the patch test and the treatment to assess if any reaction has occurred.  We also re patch test clients who we have not seen in 6 months or clients who have had changes in their medical history.

Do you patch test before EVERY treatment?

No, this is not a practical way to run a business and clients are not going to be able to attend your salon twice in one week for every brow appointment they make with you.  Patch testing needs to take place every 4, 6 or 12 months depending on the timescales your insurance company set.  Check with your insurers to find out the timescales they expect.  If you have not seen your clients within this time you will need to re patch test them.  This is why patch test records are so important and should be correctly completed and stored safely.

Do you patch test all 3 Steps?

We patch test steps 1 and 2 on every client as there are chemicals in these steps necessary to allow brow lamination to work.  Our Step 3 is packed with natural ingredients which are not known to cause reactions.  However if you want to test step 3 then there is no harm in doing this.  If your client is known to have sensitive skin, or had previous reactions to cosmetics then test all 3 steps.  

If in doubt, test all 3 steps.

Does Covid affect how we patch test?

Patch testing has not changed as a result of Covid 19.  

If clients have had Covid 19 since their last appointment then you would need to re patch test them.  This would not only apply to clients who have had Covid 19, this would apply to any of your clients that have had a change in their medical history since you last saw them.  Remember that you need to have an open dialogue with your clients every time you see them and ask if there are any changes you need to know about since their last appointment.  If your client has had any medical changes since their last appointment you need to note this on their record card and re patch test if necessary.

If clients are displaying any Covid symptoms then you would not be seeing them for an appointment.

Where should I patch test clients?

We don't patch test behind clients ears as there have been cases of clients reacting to products and this affecting the nerves at the back of their head.  Although rare, we do not like to take any chances.

We patch test on the inside of the upper arms or the inside of the elbow crook.

We always patch test step one on the left arm and step 2 on the right arm.  If you are also patch testing with step 3 then this is on the right arm.  Step 2 on the inner upper arm, Step 3 in the elbow crook. 

How long do I leave the product on my client?

For Brow Lamination patch testing steps 1 and 2 should be on the skin for 10 - 15 minutes.  Then fully removed with a damp cotton pad.

For step 3, the product can be left on until the client showers.

Should I cover the patch test area with micropore tape or a plaster?

No, you should never cover your patch test area with anything.  You don't want to get a false result if your clients react to the plaster or micropore tape and not your product.

Is postal patch testing a thing?

Yes it is!  Our brow lamination patch testing kits are proudly authorised to be used in postal patch testing by our insurers ABT.  

Check with your insurance company to find out if they allow you to use postal patch testing if you are not covered with ABT.

How does postal patch testing work?

You send your clients sealed vials with the products in that you want them to patch test on themselves with.  You also include instructions for them to follow and a card to complete so you know they have carried out the patch test and recorded their results.

Where can I find a patch testing kit?

We have created your own London Brow patch test kits for you to send out to your clients.  They look professional and have instruction cards and tools your clients need to carry out their at home patch tests.  Click here to stock up with these great kits to save yourself a lot of time and money.

Patch testing is a great way to show your clients you care about the products you are using and how they may affect your clients skin.  Patch testing is not limited to brow lamination, you would also patch test for brow and lash tinting,  lash lifting and henna brow colouring.

Remember all product manufacturers use different ingredients in their products so you will need to ensure you re patch test your clients if you change your product manufacturer or your product manufacturer changes their product ingredients.

Always ensure you follow your training guidelines for patch testing.

You are not alone when you use The London Brow Products, our friendly and knowledgeable team are always on hand to help with any questions you may have, we are just a phone call or email away.

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